*** Housepoints - Mescott 1871 / Pomeroy 1895 / Hansen 1909 / Barfoot 1828 / Hibberd 1840 ***



Upcoming Events

12 Nov 2018;
Anti Bullying Week
16 Nov 2018;
Children in Need
28 Nov 2018;
Y2 to Sea City Museum



It is our pleasure to welcome you to Wellstead Primary School. We hope that this video will give you a flavour of our school.

Welcome to Wellstead




on Thursday 8th November were...  

Hannah (Barley)  Nevaeh (Chickpea) 

Geroge (Oat)  Seb (Maize)   

Ruby & Connor (Corn)  Abigail (Wheat) 

Jacob (Poppy)  Ioanna (Quinoa)  

Benjamin (Rye)  Zakk (Sunflower)   

Megan (Farro)  Theo (Sesame)

Emily (Rice)



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