*** Housepoints - Mescott 907 / Pomeroy 979 / Hansen 786 / Barfoot 819 / Hibberd 766 ***



Upcoming Events

23 May 2019;
Empty Classroom Day
20 May 2019;
Prayer spaces (led by the team from St Luke's Church)
20 May 2019;
Walk to School Week



It is our pleasure to welcome you to Wellstead Primary School. We hope that this video will give you a flavour of our school.

Welcome to Wellstead




on Friday 17th May were...  

Liam (Barley)  Bella (Chickpea) 

Barney (Oat)  Ross (Maize)   

Caelan (Corn)  Daniel (Wheat) 

Ava (Poppy)  Megan (Quinoa)  

Ben (Rye)  Dylan & Max (Sunflower)   

Ben (Farro)  Adam (Sesame)




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