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Wellstead Primary School

Wellstead Primary School

Sowing the Seeds of Success


At Wellstead Primary School, we’re committed to providing our children with the very best education. To do this effectively, we actively engage with a range of partners, including the Local Authority, other schools within our cluster, Wildern Primary Partnership, The Wildern Partnership SCITT and the ETC Alliance along with many other many stakeholders.


Wildern Primary Partnership




Wellstead Primary School are an active member of the Wildern Primary Partnership.

This cluster of nine local schools are committed to raising standards for all children in our community.

We are innovative, dynamic and resilient schools, ambitious for all learners in the Wildern Primary Partnership to thrive, achieve well and willingly contribute. It is our stated aim that all learners will develop the confidence and motivation to support their community through shaping their futures by building and strengthening common values.


The Wildern Partnership SCITT


Wellstead Primary School actively work with The Wildern Partnership SCITT. An outstanding local provider of teacher training, who have developed through years of collaboration with partnership schools, colleges and universities.

They offer a  school based, collaborative, quality and cross phase training programme which is adapted to the individuals needs. Resulting in Qualified Teacher Status, along with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at Masters level.



ETC Alliance


Wellstead Primary School work together with the ETC Alliance who provide an infrastructure which connects staff across schools to learn with and from each other in innovative and creative ways. Offering learning opportunities for colleagues to positively influence educational change and improve outcomes for children and young people.

Learning takes many forms, from workshops, formal programmes, peer reviews, moderation and practitioner-led enquiries.The Alliance works with leaders in schools to recruit high quality people into the profession and to train and develop colleagues at each stage of their career. Progression and career development within an Alliance structure brings benefits to staff who wish to continue to invest in their own learning.