Collective Worship

Collective Worship


All children at Wellstead Primary School participate in a daily assembly, which cover a range of themes.


The themes covered during the Summer term 2019 are as follows:


Summer Term 1 – THINKING Learning Value

Week commencing


23rd April


What is trust? Who can we trust?Can we trust strangers/ strangers online?Trusting friends.

29th April


What does the word justice mean? Could link to people doing things wrong. Justice for what they did.

6th May


What qualities make a good friend? Link to the Wellstead Way.

13th May


When people do things wrong (sins) For example, if people hurt others, tell lies, steal. God/ family and friends having the grace to forgive them. Helping them to understand that the action is wrong but they are still loved.

20th May


Simple definition as it may be a new word. E.g. the quality/state of not thinking you are better than other people: the state of being humble. Discuss that we are all good at different things and all have things to work on.

Summer Term 2 – THINKING Learning Value

Week commencing


3rd June


Why is it important to tell the truth? What is the opposite of truth? Discussion about what life would be like if no one told the truth.

10th June

RELATIONSHIPS (Father’s Day 16th June)

Exploration of the different types of relationships we have. What is the same/different about those relationships e.g. relationships with family and friends and teachers. Discuss the foundations of different relationships

17th June


Think about how we behave towards people who we think are different to us. How can we show tolerance? Jesus welcomed all people to be his friends.

24th June


Serving one another - how God cares for everyone and everything and even by doing something small we can have a great effect on other people’s lives.

1st July


Explain the word. Deep feeling of respect / awe for something. Who do Christians revere? How do they show reverence for God? Exploring the concept of respect.

8th July


What is hope? Give examples of what children and adults may hope for? It can sometimes be something you might like, something you might like to happen. Could link to Christians putting their hope in God - believing he will look after them.

15th July


One more step along the world I go… what does moving on mean? The end of something and the beginning of something else. What is the importance of memories?

22nd July

(NONE - end of year house treat)


Please click if you would like to read our 'Collective Worship Policy' or 'Religious Education Policy'.


At Wellstead, Religious Education is taught in accordance with the legal requirements of the Education Act and the 2016 agreed syllabus for Hampshire, known as 'Living Difference III'