The Wellstead Way & Our Learning Values

The children, parents, staff and governors at Wellstead Primary School have worked together to create 'The Wellstead Way'. The Wellstead Way explains how we are all expected to behave at school and in the community and how we can grow as good learners.
This poster details how we can demonstrate these values around the school. 

Wellstead Sowing Seeds Poster



Learning Values are a set of skills or characteristics that enable everyone to become better learners.  They are part of our drive to encourage and promote a ‘Growth Mindset’ in learners at Wellstead Primary School. 

Over the last 18 months, we have evolved our original ‘Wellstead Way’ (the social values of being kind, thoughtful, sensible, helpful and polite) to also include 6 key learning values. We believe that all of these values will help children become better learners, instil a positive learning attitude and fulfil our ‘Sowing the Seeds of Success’ motto.
Underpinning the vision of Learning Values is the belief that everyone and anyone can improve at anything. It also emphasises strategies and techniques to use when learning becomes challenging.

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Every Friday in celebration assembly a child from each class is recognised for their contribution to The Wellstead Way and Our Learning Values, this weeks celebrated children are shown on our home page.