Reading Ambassadors

Welcome to the Wellstead Reading Ambassadors page. Our Reading Ambassadors are passionate about books!


Being a reading ambassador is all about reading for pleasure and sharing the deep enjoyment of reading a great book with others. They have been chosen for their love of reading and their enthusiasm to share this.

Part of the job of reading ambassadors is to encourage others in their class to read. There has been much research to show that children who read regularly at home perform better at school and as well as being academically beneficial, it is also lots of fun!


Find out about our projects and news about the library, by reading our ‘Reading Rocket’ Newsletter:

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Our Reading Ambassadors:

  • Create displays around the school, encouraging other children to find out about new authors, celebrated authors and different books.
  • Learn about library functions such as our book classification system, adding books onto the computer in addition to deciding which books should be including in our library.
  • Read and review books and can help other children through their recommendations.
  • Choose reading champions (this could be someone who has particularly excelled with their reading or someone who has shown a dedication to increasing the amount that they read).
  • Run the reading champions tea party, enjoy eating lots of cake and talking about books!

Keep your eyes peeled for all the new reading challenges and competitions coming up!


Why not ask one of our 2017/2018 reading ambassadors what book you could read next!
 Poppy: Katie  & Owen   Sunflower:  Jessica Anya-Lilly 
 Quinoa: Courtney  & Braydon   Farro: Amelie &  Ashley
 Rye: Anahita  & Benjamin   Rice: Abbie &  Adonia
Reading-Ambassadors-20172018The School Library Service also have a list of 2018 recommended reads for each year group, take a look here, you might find something that interests you!