Housepoints - Mescott 1621 / Pomeroy 1240 / Hansen 1679 / Barfoot 1287 / Hibberd 1381 Parent comments: "On our recent tour, I should like to say how very impressed we were. We found the pupils to be polite and relaxed. We also found the whole ambience of the school to be one conducive to learning." "Thank you for another great school year, thank you for making Wellstead such a happy place for our children to be in!" "I was really pleased to see the school educating the KS2 children in the election process. Encouraging the children to be interested and ideally passionate about politics will, in my opinion serve them and society well in the future." "Great approach to education for my children, thanks." "What an absolutely fantastic week, bringing unique opportunities to the children to stretch and challenge their imagination and life skills in such a positive, fun and affirming manner."



Upcoming Events

05 Oct 2020;
Walk to School Week
06 Oct 2020;
Walk to School Week
07 Oct 2020;
Walk to School Week




Please click these links to view the DfE Closure of Educational settings, Guidence for parents & Wellstead COVID 19 Child Protection Addendum. 



on Friday 6th March were...  

Anna (Barley) Astrid (Chickpea) 

James (Oat)  Isabella (Maize)   

Lottie (Corn)  Jayden (Wheat) 

Devon (Poppy)  Iris (Quinoa)  

Hasini (Rye)  Leah (Sunflower)   

Benjamin (Farro)  Travis (Sesame)

Laney (Lupin)  Jess (Rice)



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